Monthly with Nur Iman

​This is my statement, not because of ripple or indication but proud.I’m a blogger who happens to be Muslim.I am a Muslim Blogger. I don’t blog about islam but I blog in Islamic way. Nur Iman is also a blogger and she is a Muslim Blogger. Nur Iman is an anonymous to me. She emailed…

Istiqomah is key

Bismillah… Last time, I talked about wanting to change. With your full willingness, you wanted to change to be a better muslim. That’s good. That’s great. Praise to be Allah. That’s Him knocking your heart’s door and YOU are the one that opened it because you decided to be open about it. Now, when you…

That’s It

​The things that you do. The things that you put mistakes to. The things that you miss, one or two. You can’t get them back. You can only get flasbacks. Either from sitting stones. Or tilting skies. You can’t get them back. You relive your past, On crowded streets. You remember back, From the familiar … More That’s It

I know of a person

​I know of a person. A woman. A sister. A muslimah. She came to me as a teacher. She had taught me alot of things. Either for Dunya and for Akhirah. Her words are always filled with wisdom. Never had something slipped from her lips, the words unbenefit to mankind. She talks with complete and … More I know of a person

Are you near?

​Bismillah… The perks of air travelling during the night is because you can see the stars clearly (provided you are seated near the window) I’ve always been a sucker for stars. Yes, you can call me an astrophile. Whenever I travel, I always travel during the night (because the airline I always use have cheaper … More Are you near?

New Year

Bismillah… Yep.. It’s finally 2017. Alhamdulillah. To be really honest, 2016 has been a rough and tough year for me. I am glad that I am still alive to be able to meet a new year.  I had struggles last year as I had to face a very big exam. Now, I am rewarded with … More New Year

Trying Your Best

Bismillah… You are dragging yourself for Salah during Fajr. But it’s better than nothing. You are trying to cry eventhough you can’t. But it’s better than nothing. You are setting aside your pride to recite the Quran you have left behind. But it’s better than nothing. You are trying to smile to those who have … More Trying Your Best


​All I heard from her tone was sadness. She was breaking down. She was tired. But what’s worst was that, she was crying. We were on the phone that night. I just heard the news few days back but I gathered my courage to ask her then. Oh, how I wish I was there when … More Syafakillah 

Itching To Write

Bismillah… Assalamualaikum… Hope you guys are doing fineeeee~  Cause I’m fine, despite me in the middle of huge ( and I mean HUGE ) exam. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal  Now you might be wondering, what on earth am I doing here, updating , when an exam is on going?  Well, you see, it has been … More Itching To Write

The Light Of Life 

​Bismillah… I was known to be a rebel (still am but at some point you just have to) I am not perfect (nobody is) and all I did was enjoy life without any reason why I needed to enjoy it to my hearts content. Until I realized… What on earth am I even doing here? … More The Light Of Life